MCPS Online Physical Education



    I just wanted all MCPS On-Line learners aware that interim reports will be completed shortly.  Since the Activity Log is the only source of class work that I can grade, it is imperitive that the Activity Log is completed for a minimum of 3 weeks.  Each weekly log will be recorded as 1/3 of the grade.  In other words each log is worth 33 percent of the interim grade.  Unfortunately, if no work is turned in I have no choice but to grade each log as a zero and that will be the grade earned on the interim report for MCPS On-Line learners.


    Students who are transitioning back to regular education at Anthony Elementary, over the last two weeks, should have done a minimum of 2 Activity Logs for me to grade and enter into the gradebook.  The work at home will be part of their P.E. interim report grade.



    As you are aware, I have had numerous technology issues to get TEAMS up and running for Anthony P.E. MCPS On-Line learning.  I am going to ask everyone to extend the Activity Log assignment for an additional week.  Which means each on-line student will have a minimum of 3 weeks of Activity Logs.

    As it looks right now I will have some assistance this Thursday to see if TEAMS will work.  If this last try does not fix the TEAMS issue then I will move to Plan B.  Honestly, I don't have a Plan B but if TEAMS is not a viable platform a Plan B will be created.  Either way an announcement will be made to direct all on-line learners to whatever platform ends up working.


    Thank you for understanding and I can only say I appreciate your patience.


    Mr. Solomon

  • Mrs. Diaz and I are pleased that you have decided to participate in the MCPS Online option.

    Please make sure that the following rules are followed for P.E. @ Home:

    1. Make sure the space you are using is adequate.  Have at least 6 feet of clear space all around you.

    2. Make sure your parent or guardian is supervising you during this time just in case something happens.

    3. Make sure you have plenty of water to drink.

    Now the good stuff!


    Students who have chosen the MCPS OnLine learning will connect for P.E. through Microsoft TEAMS.

    If you are not sure how to access teams please read the guide: How to open TEAMS

    How to open TEAMS 


    There is a distinct possibility that the TEAMS program will not be available the first week of MCPS at home.  If you are unable to get to the P.E. TEAMS for online learning, simply choose one of the following Activity Logs to begin your MCPS at home P.E. class.   After you complete the first week of the log we should be up and running.  However, it is entirely possible that we may be further delayed and if that happens simply continue using the log by completing a second week of activity. Since the K-1 Activity Log is only for one week another log will need to be downloaded to print.


    K-1 Activity Log English Only


    2nd - 5th Activity Log English Version


    2nd - 5th Activity Log Spanish Version




    When the Activity Log is completed it needs to be signed off by a parent or guardian. The completed activity log (with the students name on it and easily seen) should be emailed back by scanning the document or simply take a picture of the log with your phone and email the picture back to me.

    Thank you for your understanding and hopefully any computer glitches will be cleared up as quickly as possible.  Please check the TEAMS connection daily to see if everything is working as it should.