• Here are a list of fitness activities you can do at home for 1 minutes. How many can you do in 1 minute?

    jumping jacks



    tuck jumps

    curl ups

    high knees

    jog in place

    Other activities include

    Take a walk with your family

    Dance Party

    Play tag with your family


    Fitness Videos


    Cosmic Yoga K-2  Yoga is great for flexibility and mindfulness. 


    Cosmic Yoga K-2 This is a great flexibility workout. It also teaches mindfulness and calming techniques.


    Full Speed workout 2-5  This is a high energy 5 minute workout. You may want to do it more than once.


    HIIT workout kids 3-5 This is a challenging workout that works your whole body. This is a 16 minute workout.


    Full Body workout 2-5th  Get your heart rate up with this full body workout over 20 minutes.


    Full body workout K-5 Grab your family for this fun workout over 15 minutes.