• The song "A Whole New World" from Disney's Alladin keeps running through my mind these days.  Yes, this is all new...and different...and stressful. I have chosen the on-line platform edmentum for Health Occupations 1 (Health Science-A) and for Health Occupations 2 (Health Science B).  This is a self paced program and the program will automatically do the grading for immediate feedback.  If we do not get through all of the program (because it was built for an entire SEMESTER class)...no problem.  We will all adapt, adjust, and overcome.  I will approach my gradebook, and the grades, with the understanding we are all in this crisis together and trying our level best.  I will approach the grades with grace and compassion as we navigate these changes TOGETHER.  Feel free to e-mail me or contact me and I will get back quick! My contact numbers are on my home page.  Remember: 

    We can do this                              Ms. Scott