• During our virtual learning days, we will be utilizing Google Classroom for ALL assignments. Starting Wednesday, April 1st, students will need to log into their GOOGLE CLASSROOM account each day to work on their assignments. Students who have been in class prior to Quarter 4 should be familiar with how to work on google classroom. Please email me privately if you have issues with google classroom or need the code for your individual class. My email is donald.nesbitt@marion.k12.fl.us


    Parents, if you would like to be linked to your student's account to receive email notifications about assignments, please email me at donald.nesbitt@marion.k12.fl.us


    I will also be utilizing Remind101 and Zoom for communication.


    On Remind101, I will regularly send out updates. Please make sure you are signed up for the updates. Please feel free to text me any questions you may have through Remind101. I will reply as soon as possible between the hours of 9am to 4pm. Questions outside of those hours will be subject to a later response.  


    Remind 101 codes can be found on my title page. They are also found below:

    Text your class code to 81010

    Biology (1st, 5th, 6th periods): @nesbittbio

    Pre-AICE Biology (4th period): @nesbittpab

    AICE Biology 2 (2nd period): @nesbittab2

    Leadership (3rd period): @nmhslead20


    Zoom videos will also be utilized throughout this process. I will pre-record videos for students to watch as they complete their assignments. Furthermore, I will endeavor to create "optional" videos that will show me, your host and teacher, working with different concepts from biology out "in the field" (AKA my farm). While these videos may be considered "optional", I greatly encourage you to watch them as they will be loaded with real-world application of the knowledge you have gained this year in Biology class.


    Stay safe and don't be afraid to send me questions! I am happy to help in any way possible!