• Assignments:

    Currently- Daily Attendance and Essential Question are in Google Classroom under  " Checking In"

    (link)  Moodle(desktop portal)We will begin our Excel Unit in Moodle.  REMINDER- You must complete the entire chapter before taking the project /test .  Topic Reading will be in Google Classroom.


    1. Excel 2016 Introduction           

    2. Chapter 1- The Interface, Project/Test Hands on Lab Chapter 1, Topic Reading-Chapter 1

    3. Excel Chapter 1 Topic Reading Test- In Google Classroom
    4. Chapter 2- Formatting, Project/Test Hands on Lab Chapter 2, Topic Reading Chapter 2

    5. Excel Chapter 2- Topic Reading Test -Formatting-  In Google Classroom(under Topic Reading Test)
    6. (now open) Chapter 3- Inserting & Editing Data