• Never Let Me Go


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    Final Days:  May 18.  

    Seniors, you have no more assignments! 

    All make-up work must be submitted by Friday, May 22.  If you have finished all of your work, you no longer need to check in.

    I will see you at Graduation 2020!

    Mrs. Peters

    Assignment or the week of May 11- May 15.  Due on May 18.

    1.  Read Chapters 21- 23.

    2.  Complete the Reading Questions attached for Chapters 21- 23.

    You are almost done for the year!

    Chapters 21- 23 Study Questions

    Assignment for the week of May 4- May 8.  Due May 11.

    Return to reading Never Let Me Go Part 3.

    1.  Read Part 3: Chapters 18- 20.

    2.  Complete the attached study guide.

    3.  Submit your study guide by May 11.

    Note: If you have not turn in your essay, you need to do so.  Remember it is double-weighted and will be used as evidence for Cambridge.

    You are almost to the finish line with the novel and your high school career.  Give it your best!


    Part 3 Chapters 18- 20


    Week of April 27- May 1

    Paper 6 Essay: Never Let Me Go: Due Monday, May 4 (you may submit earlier

    This week, you will take a break from reading to write.  You will be writing an AICE essay based on parts 1 and 2 of Never Let Me Go.  This essay will be used as evidence for determining your grade for Cambridge; therefore, it is imperative that you do your best and that you do not plagerize your work.  All assignments submitted to me are saved on my computer, so I can easily compare one essay to another.  Simply write based on your reaction to the prompt and your understanding of the novel.  If work is copied, it will receive a zero with no chance to resubmit another essay.

    The essay will be double-weighted in the gradebook.

    The essay attached is a close read.  Before you write, I would advise you to reveiw a close read sample essay for A Level that was given to you in class, or go online to the Cambridge website and find a sample paper for a close read (question b) for A Level Literature 9695, Paper 6.

    Also, you can rewatch the attached Youtube video.  The link will also be place on Google Classroom.

    Remember at A Level, you are exspected to have more in depth discussion of  selected quotes from the extract.  Analyze the quote on as many levels as possible, such as characterization, tone/mood, linking the passage to the novel as a whole, connecting to other interrpretations, to major concerns, etc.

    Next week, we will resume reading the novel.  If you are behind on your reading, this is the perfect time to catch up!


    Essay Never Let Me Go





    Assignments for the Week of  April 20- 24:

    Next week you will write the first of two essays that you will be completing on this novel.  So read with extra care in order to be ready to write next week.  The first essay will be based on Parts One and Two of this novel.

    Now, for this week:

    1.  Read chapters 14-17 of Never Let Me Go.

    2.  Complete the attched study guide as you read the chapters.  Remember to do your own work.  If you consult with another students, make sure to reply in your own voice when filling out the study guide. 

    3. Submit your study guide: Due- Monday, Aril 27.  This grade will be included in the progress report.

    Mrs. Peters

    Part 2 chapters 14- 17


    Assignment for Week of Monday, April 13- May 17

    I hope you are enjoying this novel!  If you have trouble understand the text, I encourage you to reach out to online sources, like chapter summaries, etc.  However, do not use the summaries to complete the study guides.  You will be writing two essays on this novel: one at the end of Part 2, and another when you finish the novel.  It is essential that you have thoroughly read the assigned chapters before you write your essays.

    Okay, now for this week's assignment.

    1.  Read Chapters 10-13.

    2.  Complete the attached study guide as you read the chapters.

    3.  Submit your study guide: Due- Monday, April 20.  (Yes, you can turn it in early!)

    4.  Remember to contact me 2 times per week!

    Mrs. Peters

    Part 2 Chapters 10-13



    Read the information on the Turning In Papers under Teacher Homepage.

    Assignments: Week of April 1- 3

    1.  Watch the following videos on Kazuo Ishiguro (author of Never Let Me Go).

    2.  Complete the Video worksheet.  The You Tube sites are stated on the attached worksheet.

         -Video worksheet is due Friday, April 3.

    3.  Read chapters 1-5 of Never Let Me Go.

    4.  Complete the Study  Questions for Part 1, Chapters 1-5: Due Monday, April 6


     video worksheet: Ishiguro

    The second video on this worksheet is on you tube: Kazuo Ishiguro: On Writing and Literature

    (thank you Syler)

     Part 1: 1-5 Study Questions


    Assignments: Week of April 6- 10:

    1.  Read Chapters Chapters 6- 9 of Never Let Me Go, pgs. 61-111.

    2.  Complete the Study Questions for Part 1, Chapters 6- 9:  Due Friday, April 10

    Part 1: Chapters 6-9