• AS Literature Class Code: pwp54mn

     FINAL ASSIGNMENT: Week of May 18- May 22: Due on May 26, 2020

    (All make-up work must be turned in by May 26 also.)

    This is your last assignment for the school year!  It can be used as AICE Examination evidence, so do your best!

    1.  Read Gathering Leaves by Robert Frost.

    2.  Read the attached anlaysis of the poem by Andrew Spacey. (Spacey provides an excellent discussion of meter and rhyme.)

    3.  Watch the attached You Tube video by TreeFreakDreamer. (I do not agree with her explanation for meter; I agree with Spacey.  However, she does present many good ideas.)

    4.  Write a well-developed paragraph based on the following prompt:

         Discuss the means and methods that Frost uses in Gatherin Leaves to present man's inablility to control nature.

         Some methods and means that you might consider in writing your response:

              -Frost's choice of subject matter (gathering leaves)

              -Frost's choice of figurative language (similies, metaphors, etc.)

              -Frost's use of repetition

              -Frost's choice of structure (rhyme, meter, stanza choice)

         Form you own opinion of the poem in connection to this prompt.  Remember to use specific quotes from the poem and comment on their effects, linking them to the prompt.  You are demonstrating your ability to sight choices that Frost made to produce this concern.

     Poem Gathering Leaves

    Analysis of poem Gathering Leaves



    Week of May 11- May 15.  Assignment due on May 18.

    1.  Read the poem There Are Roughly Zones several times.

    2.  You may also watch the attched You Tube video (There Are Roughly Zones by Robert Frost/ Anlaysis).

    3.  Complete the attached poetry study guide.

    Poem: There Are Roughly Zones

    Study Guide: There Are Roughly Zones


    Week of May 4- May 8.


         This week's assignment will return to Robert Frost's poetry.  After this assignment, you will only have two more assignments!  There will be no final exam.  Your second semester grade will be 50%= 3rd 9 weeks, and 50%= 4th 9 weeks.  This decsion was made by the Marion County School Board.

    Assignment: An Unstamped Letter in Our Rural Letter Box study guide: Due May 11.

    -Open up the attached Study Guide.  You will follow the directions given on the study guide to complete this assignment.

    -The following attachements are included:

         Poem: An Unstamped Letter in Our Rural Letter Box

         Study Guide

         Pre Reading for poem

         You Tube video link 

    Study Guide

    Pre Reading



     Week of April 27- May1 

    The Lady in the Looking-Glass: A Reflection by Virginia Woolf, page 108

    1.  Read the attached information before reading this short story: Notes on Virginia Woolf and The Lady in the Looking-Glass Summary.

    2.  Read the short story and complete the attached study guide.

    3.  Submit your study guide by Monday, May 4.

    This story is a mixture of modernism and stream-of-consciousness.  If you feel like you do not understand the style, do not worry.  Just follow the study guide; you do not have to understand every aspect of the story.   I do not believe Virginia Woolf intended the reader to understand every aspect of her writing.

    Notes on Virginia Woolf

    The Lady in the Looking Glass Summary

    SG for The Lady in the Looking Glass


    Assignments: Week of April 20- 24

     1.  Read Sandpiper by Ahdaf Soueif from Stories of Ourselves, page 370.

    2.  Complete the attached study guide, using the attached handout on the story.

    3.  Watch a you tube video on sandpipers (they are birds) in order to answer the question about the story's title on your study guide.  You can use the attached video link or find your own.

    Sandpiper Study Guide

     Sandpiper Reading


    Assignments: Week of April 13- 17

    1.  Read the attached biography on Raymond Carver

    2.  Read Elephant on page 360 in Stories of Ourselves.

    3.  Complete theattched study guide as you read.  Study Guide is due by Monday, April 20.  You can turn it in earlier.

    Raymond Carver

    Elephant Study Guide


    Assignments: Week of April 1-3

    Happy April Fools Day!

    Please read the information on 'turning in assignments under Teacher Homepage.

    If you did not complete the assignments for The Destructors (short story) and The Sound of Trees (poem) that we completed in class before we were ripped from each others' lives, you must complete them and turn them in.  They are attached below.  If you have already completed these assignments, I will put them in the grade book by Fr




    Sound of Trees


    New Assignment: Due on Friday, April 3

    1. Read the Biographical Sketch on Ted Hughes below.W

    2.  Read The Rain Horse, page 271 (Stories of Ourselves).

    3.  Complete the Study Guide: The Rain Horse, pg. 271 (1974) by Ted Hughes

    Ted Hughes biography

    The Rain Horse


    Week of April 6-10 Assignments:  Study Guide due on Wednesday, April 8 and Essay due on April 10.

    1.  Read the attached biography on Borden Deal.

    Borden Deal

    2.  Read the short story The Taste of Watermelons, page 310 from Stories of Ourselves.

    3.  Complete the attached study guide.  Due Wednesday, April 8.

    4.  Write the attached essay based on The Taste of Watermelon.  The essay is on pages 10-11, number 6b of the testing booklet under Essay: The Taste of Watermelon.  Due Friday, April 10.  Make sure that your work is your own.  Do not plagerize.  This assignment may be sent to Cambridge International as evidence of your skills in this class.  Remember to place the extract in context to the story as a whole; to use the author's name in each paragraph; to use many, short quotes from the text; and to elaborate on each quote by linking it to your paragraph idea and explaining its specific effects.  You may also use any notes or the handout below.

    You may type your essay.  Write the prompt and your name at the top of your page.

    Possible Paragraph Ideas

    Essay: The Taste of Watemelon