• Week of 5/26/20-6/1/20

    Scavenger Hunt

    May 25 May 25

    End of Year Packet


    Zoom Meeting

    We will have a Zoom meeting this week.

    Topic: Illegal Drugs / Child Safety and Protection

    Thursday, May 28

    Time: 10:00am

    Parents and Families, as we wind down our school year, first let me say thank you for your continued support during this time. I wanted to inform you of an upcoming Zoom lesson that I will provide with your child. This lesson is required by Florida State Statute (Rule 6A-1.-94123) to occur during the school year. The topics will be on Illegal Drugs, and Child Safety and Protection. Topics of the lesson will include: Safety Rules, Grown-up Buddies, “I mean business voice,” and dealing with strangers. I welcome you to attend the lesson so that you may have further discussions at home, if you wish. The lesson will occur on May 28, 2020 at 10 o’clock. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.



  • Week of 5/18/20-5/22/20

    Lesson 11: History

    Florida Studies Weekly – Week 7: “What is History?”

    1st - Read text 

    Text Text

    2nd - Watch video

    Video Video

    3rd - Complete and turn in the assessment

    Assessment Assessment







  • Week of 5/18/20-5/22/20

    Lesson 10: Earth-Space "Water"

    1st - Watch videos 

    Video 1 Video 1

    Video 2 Video 2

    2nd - Read text

    Text Text

    3rd - Complete and turn in the assessment

    Assessment Assessment


  • ART

    Week of 4/27/20-5/1/20

    Due 5/22/2020


    Art Bingo Kindergarten/First Grade

    Name ___________________________________________ Teacher/Grade_________________________________

    Complete a minimum of 5 boxes. Take a picture or scan and email to Debra.Conole@Marion.k12.fl.us











    Be an architect! Use Legos or blocks to engineer your own structure. 

    Make a necklace out of pasta and yarn, string, old shoelaces, or fishing line. 

    Make a piece of art and leaving somewhere in your community

    Draw a picture of yourself (a self-portrait)

    Draw and color a picture using only COOL colors; blue, purple, and green. 

    Create a color wheel from found objects

    (see files for a picture of the color wheel)

    Made a design on the sidewalk with tape and color in the spaces. Remove tape to reveal your design. 

    Make an animal sculpture out of  aluminum foil 

    Collect objects outside (twigs, leaves, rocks, flowers, etc.). Make an artistic arrangement with the objects

    What can you turn a toilet paper tube into? Use your imagination

    Draw a picture of a family member or pet


    Draw and color a picture using only WARM colors; red, yellow, and orange. 


    Go wash your hands!!! 

    Draw designs on a white coffee filter with water-soluble markers (like Crayola). Spray or brush with water

    Mystery Drawing Ask a parent to draw a line or shape on a piece of paper. Now, you turn it into something 

    Draw a character or illustrate a scene from your favorite story. 

    Draw a paw print as large as you can and make it colorful. Go Huskies.

    Still Life Drawing Choose 1 object in your house to set up (stuffed animal, toy) and draw using only pencil 

    Make something artistic our of food. Then eat it.

    Design a card for someone you love  and miss then send it to them

    Paper Inchworms https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=IxEhFg J-Bjk Have all family members create one and then race! 

    Shadow Drawing Take a free-standing object somewhere sunny to create its shadow. Place your paper at the edge of your object and draw. 

    Handprint art.  Draw your hand or use paint to print your hand

    What can you turn it into?

    Do printmaking with household objects: bottle caps, forks, corks, scrub brush, legos

    Use a cereal box to 

    create a work of art (use for sculpture/use as a canvas/use as building blocks, etc.)

  • PE 

    Week of 5/4/20-5/8/20


    PE Activities

    Complete the activties for First Grade



    Week of 5/18/20-5/22/20


    Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting tody. The focus of this lesson is to introduce your child to instrument families. It is also an enjoyable way to review letter formation. Neat letters puts a smile on my face! As a challenge, write the entire name of the instrument family! You can  email the completed assignment to me at Ethan.Sapp@Marion.K12.Fl.US, or you can take a pic of it and email it to me. If you cannot send the assignment to me, email me and let me know you completed it please. Don't hesitate to email me any questions. I'm working on being able to attend your child's grade level Zoom meetings to see everyone and help any way I can. Do what can without adding stress to your day. We appreciate you. Encourage your child to listen to music daily as a vacation or to enjoy as a celebration with family. 

    Instrument Family Link

    * I'm also including a link below to our Google Music lab. It is very interactive and stimulates your child's creativity. IT IS TONS OF FUN! Please go and check it out.

    Music Lab