• According to the curriculum map, we should be in Unit 9: One Variable Statistics.

    The standards associated with this unit include:

    MAFS.S-ID.1.1     MAFS.S-ID.1.3     MAFS.S-ID.1.2

     We will be utilizing algebranation.com throughout the remainder of our course. Algebra Nation is built around the updated standards and curriculum map for Florida. It also provides excellent worksheets (the same worksheets we have been using in class) and quizzes to help in learning this material.


    In following Algebra Nation's structure for unit 9's One Variable Statistics, we will visit nine topics:

    1. Dot Plots
    2. Histograms
    3. Box Plots - part 1
    4. Box Plots - part 2
    5. Measures of center and shapes of distribution
    6. Measures of spread - part 1
    7. Measures of spread - part 2
    8. The Empirical Rule
    9. Outliers in Data Sets