• How can you reach me?


    Office Hours to answer phones call or texts messages:

    • Monday - Friday after 8 am until 10 pm
    • Google Voice: 352-897-0140

    If I am unable to answer at that moment, please send a text with a call back number.

    I can also available by email: patricia.stanley@marion.k12.fl.us


    MATH ANTICS LINK: https://mathantics.com/auth/site-share/dCz03hGfL3eFLeY



    Each Wednesday, Starting April 1st from 10 to 11am we will be holding a group meeting for what ever needs to be covered live. Even if it is to say hello and see each other. Everyone will be invited and we teachers are all looking forward in seeing your beautiful faces. You will be sent a invite on your emeil for the link to hit to be able to jion our meeting. If you can not attend, let me know on my email. Patricia.Stanley@marion.k12.fl.us