• Distance Learning (by-product of COVID 19): Period 2: 10:22-11:15

    In face of COVID 19 we must keep in mind that trials and tribulations do not come to stay, they will pass.  We're in this together.  We must continue to move foward "One Day at a Time".  I encourage you to be proactive in staying healthy and keeping safe. 



    • To create the most realistic distance learning experience for my students.

    My Plan For Distance Learning:

    • Please visit the school's wedsie for Howard Middle School Virtual Orientation 
    • This online course will use Microsoft Teams as it's teaching platform

    Acessing Microsoft Teams:

    1. Log in to your desktop portal
    2. Click "Office 365"
    3.  Click "Teams"


    The resources that will be utilized will include Carnegie, Acaletics, Khan Academy, and Thatquiz.

    •  You will receive an invitation each day to meet in Teams for your class period.
    •  At the beginning of the period, there will be a bell ringer (fast five).
    •  During the period, I will introduce the lesson, provide examples, and ask/answer questions.
    •  Independent practice will follow each lesson.  Please use notes, powerpoints, and videos provided to assist in completing the assignment.
    • There will be a quiz after each lesson.
    • Upon cpmpletion of a unit, you will be assigned a test.
    • You will be responsible for keeping an organized binder of all notes and vocabulary.

    Assignments will be posted on Microsoft Teams, along with instructions and due dates.  Please check this daily.  You may contact me by email at any time.  I will answer at my earlist convenience (with 48 hours).

    ***Attention ParentsIf your child is participating in distance learning, please adhere to my contact hours.  Class is NOT an appropriate time to present questions or concerns.  I will treat my distance learning class, as if your child is sitting in a traditional class setting.  If You have concerns, please contact me during my contact hours or call guidance to set-up a conference.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.***