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Smarty Ants

This can be accessed through your child's MCPS Desktop Portal.

Making Reading Fun

Smarty Ants is designed to build reading skills and accelerate learning in an engaging, interactive online learning environment. Students learn through fun, animated, game-like activities. They even have their own personal ant “coach” to guide and instruct them while providing kind and motivating feedback along the way.


From Emergent to Independent Reader

With Smarty Ants, students learn more than surface-level phonemic awareness and phonics. They dive deep and master foundational reading skills through Smarty Ants' complete scope and sequence. From letter identification and the alphabetic principle to structural analysis and comprehension skills, Smarty Ants transforms emergent readers into independent readers.


The Perfect Mix for Early Learners

Smarty Ants combines foundational skills instruction, independent practice, and embedded assessment in a single program with robust teacher supports. Students master complex phonics skills as they learn to decode and encode phonemes and words and eventually read stories. Through skill-building games and activities, students learn approximately 1,500 vocabulary words plus essential sight words.