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NEW INFORMATION AS OF 5/4/2020:   I have assigned three new CommonLit articles and three new ReadWorks articles.  


*  You will be required to complete one article a week.  Make sure you are using complete sentences and restating your questions.  The first assignment will start on April 6th.  The  assignments will only be available for 7 days.   Remember to submit your answers.   There are no "do overs"!  :)

"Article of the Day":  You will be required to complete an article a week and write a response in the Book of Knowledge.  The articles are:

1. "Crunchies Give You Six-Pack Abs-And Other Exercise Myths"

2.  "Just Junk"

You can choose the last two articles except "Pick a Portion".

Period 1:  Y3BHTU

Period 2: NQLKD6

Period 3:  E7TAJH

Period 4:  MYNKRV

Period 5:  K7SYDV

Period 6:  ELKB5B