Degrees and Certifications:


NEW INFORMATION AS OF 5/4/2020:   I have assigned three new CommonLit articles and three new ReadWorks articles.  




Class Codes:

Please locate your class period where you will find the class code in order to complete the assignments on CommonLit. PLEASE make sure you're entering the correct class code for YOUR class period, or else you won't be able to complete any assignments. 


1st per: VDWD7J

2nd per: EVWVJ7

3rd per: 9QPQG3

4th per: 43W358

5th per: 6DJDP6

6th per: B737D7



 When reading, please be sure to take notes for understanding. You will need to complete the following to earn FULL credit:


- Guided Question

-Assessment Questions

-Discussion Questions


Due Date:

 Each assignment will open on MONDAY of each week and will be due by that SUNDAY of the same week. Please pace yourself when completing these assignments.