• Monday Date: 05-04-2020 -Sunday 05-17-2020 Iready Lesson 19 R1 3.8, Iready lesson 19 RI 3.8,  (1),  Iready lesson 19 RI 3.8 (2), Iready lesson 19, RI 3.8 (3),  Read  an Iready lesson each day and complete the assignment. Iready Lesson Verbs, past and present, Iready lesson Iready Compound Words (follow the directions.) Iready lesson with Adjectives and Adverbs. These lessons are on a PDF. Complete your contraction work sheet.

    You have a sheet with a text and an email section; write a text to a friend or family member ande tell them what you have been doing lately, write an email to your teacher and tell me what ou have been reading.


    Social Studies complete on line questions and activities in Social Studies Weekly 18 Due May 24, 2020

     Science: Bugs RI 3.8 (pdf file), Read and consentrate on the vocabulary. Earwigs, RI 3.8

    Math: Measure It Twice: Answere the material in the math sheet after you have measured it twice. (this is in a pdf.)


    All assignmnents are due May 24, 2020.


    Monday May 18, 2020-June 1, 2020  . Please complete assignments as soon as possible and turn them in so they can be graded. Thank you.

    Language Arts: Go to IReady work books, lessons RL.1.3. IReady Grammer and complete Adjective, Adverbs, prefix and Suffix sections.

    Social Studies: Go to the Social Studies Tile  click on 2nd grade and scroll down to Social Studies # 27 (Rights and Responsibilities. (Read and answer the questions and take assessment. Social Studies #32 is for you to review and there is a virtual field trip of the Rosa Park Museum.)

    Science: Go to STEMscope tile to 2.P.10.1 . It discusses the Types of energy and the uses of energy and their form. Please answer the question at the end. Complete the assignments in Stemscopes. 

    Math: In your small Math Go book, go to lesson 10.2, pages 225,226,227 and228. Go to Think Central and Complete the assignments from 10.2 through 10.4. These are interactive Textbooks and you will need to click on the boxes and type your answers. If your child does not complete the entire assignment, Think central will not show a score. 


    Reminder: Zoom will  be Monday may 18,2020 at 12:00 p.m (noon) see you then.


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