Digital Learning Activities Explained

  • Attendance
    Students need to check-in each morning with their homeroom teacher by 9:30 AM.  Click on the Attendance tab and follow the directions on the page.


    Reflex Math
    Students need to practice multiplication and division facts with Reflex Math. The program allows student the opportunity to earn "green lights" as they go.  Green lights can be earned in approximately 15 minutes.

    • Students who have not mastered their facts through the 10's should earn at least 3 green lights a week. 
    • Students who have mastered facts through 10's or 12's should earn at least one green light per week.  
    • Login info:
      Username: carole.miller
      Class: (choose your class and then your name)
      Password: (Two letters and two numbers...unique to you)

    iReady Math
    Students are asked to work at least 45 minutes in iReady math each week.  Most important is lessons passed during that 45 minutes!  Most lessons are approximately 20 minutes long so you should set a personal goal of passing 2-3 lessons per week.  I will be monitoring this program and offering assistance when needed.  Please remember... when working in iReady Math:

    • Always have your headphones on and the volume turned up.  You need to hear the lessons in order to understand the skills they are teaching.
    • Always have paper and pencil with you and work out the problems with the program.
    • Always take your time, listen carefully, and stay focused.  Distractions and rushing are the two main reasons for not understanding the lesson.
    • Never start a quiz for a lesson you don't understand.  Go back to the beginning of the lesson and do the lesson again.
    • Be prepared to show me your work when we talk about your iReady lessons.


    Go Math
    Students will be assigned online lessons, quizzes, and activities from our math series.  Students can get access to these assignments through their portal by clicking the button titled "Think Central". 

    • Make sure to listen carefully to the lesson and click through the slides when directed by the program so that when you get to the end, you will get credit for finishing the lesson.  If you click around and rush through the slides, your lesson may not mark itself "complete".
    • There are two sets of practice problems in each lesson.  You must complete all of the problems to get credit for finishing the lesson.
    • To use the pop-up buttons in Go Math to make a fraction:  Move the pop up to another part of the screen so that you can see where your answer will go.  Choose the fraction button on the pop up... its the first button in the third row (a box over a box with the fraction bar showing).  Now you should see that the same boxes popped up in the answer space.  Use the number keys to put numbers in the boxes.
    • Remember, if you want to look over more examples, you can access your textbook by clicking on the your library on Think Central.
      Go Math! FL MAFS Student Resources G4
      Go Math! FL MAFS Student Resources G4
    • Assignments will be posted each Monday and should be completed by the end of the day Friday.  That means every Friday your To Do List in Go Math should be empty.  If it still shows and assignment, please complete it.


    Use It or Lose It
    Three weeks of this activity are posted to the website.  Digital copies can be printed from the link on this website.  If you do not have a printer, you may use a sheet of notebook paper to complete the problems. 

    • This assignment is set up for students to complete a column of problems each day so that the entire sheet is completed by the end of the day Thursday.
    • Answers will be posted on Friday so that students can check and correct their work.
    • After you have checked and corrected your Use It or Lose It, send me a picture of your assignment through Dojo or email.
    • After April 16th, this activity will no longer be assigned.


    Zoom Help Sessions
    It is my plan to be available for digital help sessions several times a week using a free program called Zoom. An invitation for a scheduled Zoom session will be posted on my website.