Good morning!

    We have received many emails/messages/calls regarding what “Distance Learning” will look like for us. Please know that is something very new for us and we are all navigating this way of learning together! We have created a weekly activity log that will help guide you in assisting your child with their daily home learning. All activities are aligned to the standards that are required for kindergarten students. Per the district, students are required to complete 3 ELA/Writing tasks, 3 Math tasks, 1 Science task, 1 Social Studies task and 30-45 minutes of both Reading and Math i-Ready minutes weekly. i-Ready can be accessed via the Marion County Student Portal using your child’s username/ password… please note that we will be creating custom lessons for our students to complete in i-Ready, if a “lesson” icon is displayed on the screen, this indicates that your child must complete the lesson first before going on. We will be posting useful information on our teacher webpages that are located on Saddlewood’s school website. We will continue to use Class Dojo as our main mode of communication daily. We are also required to take attendance daily… please ensure that you message us on Dojo BEFORE 10 a.m. daily (just send a quick message i.e. “So and So is present” although your child doesn’t have to be working at that exact time… we need to show that they are working at some point during the day). We will send a reminder 30 minutes prior to 10 a.m. Weekly activities will be posted on the Dojo as well as several short videos we create for instruction. You will also use the Dojo to upload photos of your child’s completed work. We will use these photos for assessment purposes until we return to school. We will also use the “Zoom” app for video conferencing with students one to two times a week. Please download the free app to your smartphone, i-Pad/tablet, or computer with camera capability (create a FREE account for use). When we choose to “host” a Zoom meeting you will be notified via the Dojo indicating the date and time, as well as a link containing the meeting number and password for log in. These Zoom meetings will allow the students to see us and their friends and chat for a bit. Also, please note that we will now have “office” hours where we are going to be available for questions via school email, Dojo messaging, phone calls, or prescheduled Zoom meetings. “Office” hours will vary slightly and changes will be noted on our teacher webpage or sent via message on the Dojo. As of right now, my “office” hours are 12:30- 2:30 (Mon.- Thurs.). Please note that this is the time that we will be answering messages/calls… be patient if you do not hear from us until then, as we have other school requirements and obligations that we must complete.