May18th-May 22nd Assignment


    • iReady Reading: (access on MCPS desktop portal)- 10-15 minutes per day (aim to get 2-3 green grades/passing scores per week).

    • MyON (access on MCPS desktop portal): Please have your child pick a book from MyOn or one from home, read and take one A.R. quiz if possible.  

      • Your child is now able to take AR quizzes at home.
      • Your child can access AR quizzes through MyON. 
      • OR they can access AR quizzes through the following link: https://hosted257.renlearn.com/72115/ 

                     AR username: your child's student/"lunch" number and password: birthdate (ex. June 2013 would be 062013)

    • Writing Prompt: Mrs. Prestipino is retiring! Write a letter to Mrs. Prestipino wishing her a happy retirement.  Give her some fun ideas she should do or places she should go. Write a topic sentence, include three detailed sentences that go along with with your topic and a closing ("wrap it up") sentence. *Optional: include your drawing. PLEASE SEND A PICTURE of completed work through Class Dojo or email.

    • Read the story "The Harvest" pg.76 and the story, "The Harvest Marvel" pg. 80 (Click on the "Grace Reader" link below for the stories).  Answer the following questions by clicking here:

                           Grace Skills Reader  

                            Grace Reader



    • iReady Math: (access on MCPS desktop portal)- 10-15 minutes per day...try to earn at least 2-3 "green"/passing scores/week.

    • Reflex:  Reflex Math  (username: Turnera1 (case sensitive) and password (student ID) )**aim to get your "green light" each day

    • Think Central (access on MCPS desktop portal)-Lesson 12.3: Combine 2-D Shapes

    • Think Central-Lesson 12.6: Find Shapes within Shapes

    • Think Central-Lesson 12.8: Equal or Unequal Parts      


    • Complete Stemscopes (access on MCPS desktop portal)- 1.E.6.3-Fast and Slow Changes (make sure to click "Turn In" when finished).

    • *Optional Resources:

         Stemscopes Video: Erosion and Weathering

         Stemscopes Video: Erosion on the Ganges


    Social Studies

    • We have been learning about needs and wants.  Draw/color and picture of something you want.  Write 2-3 sentences about it and/OR explain what you could do to earn it.