• Please sumbit a fitness log for each week.  You should have already submitted a Fitness Log for Week 4 to me through either my teacher website or through Google Classroom.

    You can complete any of AMRAP Challenge Fitness Logs for the rest of May or use the Weekly Fitness activity logs in Google Classroom.

    Students must Submit 6 Weeks of fitness logs after that you need no longer to submit any more fitness logs for this gradiing period.


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  • Dear Students,

    This is the first time I have attempted to use Goggle Classroom... please be patient with my learning curve during this time. If any of you have issues with successfully accessing my assignments on Google classroom..... Please go to my Teacher website's Calendar section to access the weekly assignments.

    Thanks so much and I miss you guys,

    Coach Hart

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  • Period 1 :ih4mzwj

    Period 2 : cyfjboj

    Period 3: 534jst7

    Period 4: erimvw

    Period 5: rlm73ee

    Period 6: urnnock

    Please use this code only using your school email only to accesss... it will not work on your personal email. 

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