• Congrats! We made it! Please be sure all of your assignments are completed bt 3:35 today! That is the deadline as I will be finalizing grades! I will miss you all so very much! Remember to always be kind and let your light shine in this great big world! Let's go do great things! 

    8th graders: I hope to see you all at the drive-thru graduation this evening! 

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  • Happy May! I wanted to share my google voice #, incase if you or your parents needed to contact me for help or questions with anything. My # is (352)234-4574. 

    Grading: because I have SO many students and have been staying up way too late constantly entering grades into 12 seperate classes for current and past due assignments, I will not be getting on to update grades each day, but will at least twice a week. So, if you notice you turned something in late, and it isn't in your gradebook right away, give it a few days. I promise I will get to it! Thank you for understanding! Most likely, it is sometimes graded in google classroom, but I just haven't sat down to transfer all the grades into skyward yet. If a week goes by and it isn't updated yet, please contact me and let me know! 

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work through this together! I hope you all are safe and well! We will get through this! Miss you ALL!!!

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  • 4-21-2020 I am curious if anyone would be interested in participating in a zoom meeting? I will create a yes/no questionnaire and upload to google classroom tomorrow. It would be password protected so that ONLY our class members would be allowed in our meeting. I would love for us to be able to meet as a "class" again, and zoom has worked well for my kiddos to be able to do that! Be looking for more info to come! 

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  • 4/20/2020 PLEASE be sure you are checking the current assignments tab and completing all of the assignments I have assigned to google classroom! I have been recording your grades on a template and just uploaded to skyward tonight, so please check! I am happy to take late work! I know some of you are just now getting technology! Keep communicating!

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  • 4-15-2020 Go to your google classroom and click on my class. I have posted a kahoot link with our review questions! You can play anytime by next Wednesday at 5 p.m. You will be competing against your classmates from your period (A and B day combined for each class). BE SURE to type in your FIRST AND LAST NAME so that you get credit for completing the assignment this week! NO NICKNAMES for distance kahoot!!! Miss you guys! Let's see who remembers their stuff! Happy Gaming! 

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  • 4-6-2020 Click on "Health Science Current and Past Assignments" on the left of my teacher website. Any assignment will be listed there. It is your responsibility to check every other day. You will then go to your google classroom to complete the assignment. Thank you! Hope you all are well and safe. Praying for you all daily!!! Miss you guys! 

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  • 4-6-2020 Good morning! Today I will be checking to see that I have received your assignment. If I have not, I will be e-mailing you individually. If I don't hear back by tomorrow, I will be e-mailing administration to let them know that you have not been present for my online class. Thank you to those who have already completed the response! I will be posting your next assignment this afternoon! I hope you all are well and safe. I miss you all SO much! 

    Attendance: there is no need to e-mail me each day! As long as I am receiving your assignment response, you will be counted present for the week! 


    Have a lovely day!

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  • 4-1-2020 Click the blue link below for instructions on how to log in to google classroom! I have sent you all an invite, but just in case, I am placing the codes below as well! Your 1st assignment will be able to be viewed on Wednesday, 4/1/20.

    Google Classroom Instructions


    Class codes:

    1 A/B- dqd7y7c

    2 A/B- 55z6obt

    3 A/B- 3heyeww

    4 A/B- tq7qvn7

    5 A/B- w2tx5ba

    6 A/B- sowkno7


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  • Distance Learning

    Posted by Alisha Yancey on 3/31/2020 10:00:00 AM

    Hello everyone! I pray this finds you safe and healthy! Please know I miss you all so much and pray for each of you daily! The online learning platform is new to us all,so please have grace and patience and we will get through this together! Today (Tuesday) I will be setting up google classroom. On Wednesday, I will have an assignment loaded into google classroom. Please check back daily so that you can be up to date with your assignments! Don't hesitate to e-mail me with any questions! alisha.yancey@marion.k12.fl.us

    My "office" hours will be everyday from 8:10-3:35 like normal school hours, but you can e-mail me anytime like usual and I will get back to you fairly quickly as I have my e-mail attached to my personal phone as well. 

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