• Information Regarding Distance Learning: 

    Tech Services 352-867-2100


    For this online class we will be using Microsoft Teams. 

     Microsoft Teams

    Use the following steps to locate Microsoft Teams:

    1. Login to your desktop portal

    2. Click on "Office 365"

    3. Click on "Teams"

    Additional resources that will be utilized will include your on-line text, Khan Academy, and Thatquiz.

    • You will be responsible for printing out the notes (located as files in teams) for the lessons and practice OR you may write out the material so that you have it to reference later. I will load the work one week at a time. Please look at the calendar on my website so you know which lesson will be covered each day.
    • You will receive an invitation to a meeting in teams for your class period every day.
    • During this meeting I will go over the lesson, provide many examples and ask for questions. 
    • You will have time during the class to practice on your own from the documents that I have uploaded to your class.
    • Khan Academy and your online textbook will be used for Homework and Quizzes.
    • ThatQuiz will be utilized for 9 week quizzes. (These are assigned at the beginning of the 9 weeks and will be due one week before the end of the 9 weeks.)
    • When a Unit is finished, you will complete a test from your online textbook. 

    Assignments will be posted on Microsoft Teams, along with instructions and due dates. Please check this daily. 

    You may contact me by email at any time. I will answer at my earliest possible convenience.