• Week of April 6, 2020

    All Assignments are available in Google Classroom (on Student Desktop)

    • By using Google Classroom, the  only item turned in through Dojo is Science BrainPop quiz.

    Click here for Special Area Assignment - PE



    • I-Ready Reading (10 minutes)
    • I-Ready Math (10 minutes)
    • Science - BrainPopJr - The Sun (take a screenshot of your test score and send it to your teacher)
      • The username is Thewood and the password is Saddlewood1
    • Read a Book


    • I-Ready Reading (10 minutes)
    • I-Ready Math (10 minutes)
    • Reading #2 - Sunrise, Sunset (answer questions and send the answers to your teacher)
    • Math #2 - Match Analog Clocks and Times (sign in and complete IXL lesson U2)
    • Read a Book



     If your family does not have internet access, printed copies of these assignments are available at Saddlewood Elementary each Wednesday between 10 AM and 1 PM.


    All Assignments are posted on Monday and Due the following Sunday


    Optional learning activities for at-home learning:

    • MyOn (teacher created projects)
    • AR Tests (from MyOn or books at home)
    • IXL math (any lessons with *)
    • iReady Math Games (After daily math time completed)