What is learning going to be like this year?

  • Hello! In this strange time of face masks and social distancing, learning success will be the result of parents, teachers, and children that work together, as a team, to foster a positive attitude of learning, while doing our best to stay safe at school.  I am excited to be a part of this with you!

    School will look and be somewhat different than in years past, but some things will remain.  Some unchanging, constant things you will find in my classroom (even in the age of 'Covid 19'). : 

    1. My number one goal is to keep your child safe!

    2. I want to get to know your child and their unique personality and inspire them to learn.

    3. I like to make learning fun, when possible. We will still strive for positivity while being safe and learning. 

    4. I want to have parents and families to be a part of our learning team to help encourage and inspire your child. 


    Your positive attitude towards school and learning is VERY important, because children often get their values from their parents! The things we (as parents) make a priority, our children will also, usually, make a priority. This does not change, whether learning takes place at school, at home, or even on a field trip! I want to thank parents and guardians, in advance, for the support that you will be continuing to provide for your children and their learning. 

     Thank you in advance for having your child at school on time if they are not sick.  Please remember to keep them home if they have a fever or are showing signs of being sick.

    One of my favorite quotes is: "Smart is not what you are, it's what you do!" This helps to sum up my belief that we all are continually learning, and our attitudes and actions directly affect how much that happens. We want to help our children enjoy learning and not give up when something is hard! (When things are hard, that's when we grow our brains the most.) Learning continues throughout our lives, and these qualities will help to make us successful throughout life!