• To access your google classroom:

    1)  Log into your Marion County Student Desktop

    2)  Click on Google Apps

    3)  Click on Google Classroom

    4)  Click on Log In with Google (make sure that you signed into CHROME with you school id)

    5)  In the upper right hand corner, select the + sign

    6)  Enter the class code linked to the class period you are enrolled in.

         lmo3fjy   1st Period MATH FOR COLLEGE READINESS CATS-ONLINE

         tj57ccw   2nd Period MATH FOR COLLEGE READINESS CATS-ONLINE

         zdyrj3i    3rd Period MATH FOR COLLEGE READINESS 

         wlula2s   4th Period AP STATISTICS

         bru76ng  5th Period MATH FOR COLLEGE READINESS

         fp72yc3  6th Period AP STATISTICS

         tluxhhg   CAT PERIOD