April 17th:  It's been awhile since I've posted here, but as many of you know I've been sending emails to you instead.  One less click to make:)  Just wanted to reiterate here that iReady Minutes, in both Reading and Math, are REQUIRED each week.  Reading is 1/3 of your child's weekly assignments, as is Math.  While I am providing (extra) activities, these assignments DO NOT need to be turned in to me...ONLY the required assignments, please.  Thank you!


    April 3rd: 

    Wow!  We made it through the week, high-fives to EVERYONE!  I hope on your end things are starting to calm down, technology is becoming more routine, and students feel less anxious about their assignments.  The coming week may present a few more glitches as our assignments increase, we start our first offical "classroom" on zoom (Monday @9am), and students begin to find they may need additional support  on their lessons.  Please know, your child knows what is expected of them.  They have been working with me for 7 months, so please hold them accountable to at least initiate starting their assignments.  Except for reading stories, they should not need you to sit down with them to do the assignment.  I know some of you are home and want to help them, but in all honesty, we are only a few months away from 4th grade and they WILL BE expected to work independently.  Ask you questions?  Absolutely!  Read a word they don't know? Please do, in fact, have a discussion about that word!  Sit next to them while they work to keep them on task?  Your call!  In class, they do not get that type of accomodation, so I wouldn't encourage it at home either.  Please hold them responsible.  I often tell students that I am so lucky to be their teacher for one year, but their parents are blessed to be their teacher for their whole life!  

    Are you ready for some new technology??  Lol, don't groan yet, it's optional, but I'm very excited about sharing it.  It has to do with being able to write on the .pdf assignments, so no need to print the assignments and send them in via email.  Mrs. Golden, who I think I've mentioned is our 3rd grade savy tech person, has created a tutorial that I will be sending out to you.  You can continue to do the same as before, that's totally fine; but, if you're looking for another option, hopefully this will be helpful.  I will be sending the tutorial to you via email, so keep an eye out for it in your email box.

    That's it!  Great job this week everyone.  Please make sure to submit this week's assignments to me by Sunday evening.   Thanks for all of your support and kind words this week - they mean a lot to me!  Have a great, safe weekend<3

    March 30th:

    Hello!  Today was an eventful day.  Here are my updates:

    *Our Google Classroom page is up and running!  Thank you to those students (families) who signed in and let us know how they are doing.  A special THANK YOU to the Daymon family for being my checker and making sure the student's view looked okay (I forgot to click "Save",  imagine that :)There are three assignments uploaded and students can begin working on them tomorrow.  They are not due until Sunday evening at 5pm.  Please see yesterday's updates on how to send them to me. 

    *I have also updated my teacher webpage and have my schedule and contact information listed.  I was NOT able to get Zoom up and running...YET!  It's 4:13, so I have plenty of time to play on it and try to figure it out.  My goal is to start a Zoom run through on Thursday morning, at 9am.  PLEASE know this format is OPTIONAL!  Honestly, it is also optional for teachers to do, but I really think it will benefit the students to see and talk to each other; just a little bit of "almost" normal in their life.  Plus, I MISS THEM!  I need to see their faces and hear their voices and help them with assignments, if needed.  Please know, your child does not need a doc camera to hear what we are talking about.  As long as they have speakers, they will benefit from the discussion.  Zoom has a "chat" room, so they can type Hello - this is...., or ask a question.  The camera and microphone help us to hear and see them.  I've heard many people use their cell phones to participate in Zoom meetings.

    *I will be putting links on my webpage (AR) as soon as I possibly can.  It would have been wonderful if the district had us working on these things last week, but they needed time to get this platform working, and now teachers need a bit of time to adjust as well.  We will get there, I promise.  

     *If you need a chrome book, PLEASE let the school ASAP.  They are loaning chromebooks out to students, but you do need internet or a Hot spot - such as a connection through your phone (I think that's how it works.  Seriously, us oldies but goodies are waaaayyy behind the 8-ball when it comes to technology:)

    *Next week, I will be assigning vocabulary and spelling.  I am also going to fill out the planner, take a picture of it, and post it to my webpage.  I think continuity is important and the students liked to fill theirs out (most, anyway)

    *Okay, last but not least - please, please excuse my typos or misspelled words.  My head is crammed and I'm working a mile a minute.  Actually, having your child read to you my updates would be AWESOME!  They LOVE to tell me when I've made a mistake, so they can be free to tell me, via email, where I've made one:)

    *By the way, when we get back to school we are going to have a fabulous party!  If we don't make it back to school this year, whenever it is clear to mingle again, we're going to have an even bigger party!!!

    Stay well ~ Ms. Ackerman


    March 29th:

    *I know these are crazy times; please keep in mind we are all in this together, and I am here for you if you need my support (dawn.ackerman@marion.k12.fl.us and my cell is: 352-208-7185).  Please email or call me anytime from 8am am till 3:00pm - NO TEXT, please.

    *I will use my teacher webpage to indicate the lessons for the week.  Please know, except for this first short week, MCPS requires 3 ELA, 3 Math, 1 Science, and 1 Social Studies assignment to be completed each week.  Assignments will be graded and added to gradebook for the 4th quarter.  I will work to have upcoming assignments added by Friday, so students can utilize the weekends to work on them and/or parents can print them out for the coming week.  

    *How will assignments be returned?  I think the easiest way is for parents to take a picture of the completed assignment and send it to me attached to an email.  Documents can also be scanned on copiers and sent via email, as well.  You don't need to wait until all assignments are completed; send as soon as they are done is fine.  

    *I am required to take attendance M - F.  The 3rd grade team is working together to come up with the best options to accomplish this, and I will update this section ASAP.

    *In addition to listing assignments on my webpage, students will need to log into our Google Classroom to access the specifics of their work.   I am still fine-tuning this but will have more specific instructions by tomorrow.  


          I will continue to add to this list as we go through this process. I will try very hard to set up a system that is simple and seemless, making it an easy process for all of us.  Thank you for your support as we all move into this new frontier of online learning.



    Ms. Ackerman