• Hello Mathematicians!

    During this time of Distance Learning, please feel free to use the resources (and fun activities) below to build up your mathematical senses with Basic Math Fluency and Solving Word Problems.  A little bit of practice each day can make quite a difference in your math skills.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions: Kelly.ashberger@marion.k12.fl.us


    knowledge is power


  •  Mathematical Fluency Expectations for K-5 Students:

    • Kindergarten:
      • Count to 100
      • Add/Subtract within 5
    • 1st Grade:
      • Add/Subtract within 10
      • Practice Skip counting by 2s, 5s, 10s 
    • 2nd Grade:
      • Add/subtract within 20 (FROM MEMORY)
      • Add/subtract within 100 (using pictures, strategies, etc.)
    • 3rd Grade:
      • Add/subtract within 1,000 (using pictures, strategies, etc.)
      • Multiply/divide within 100 (FROM MEMORY)
    • 4th Grade:
      • Add/subtract within 1,000 (using the standard algorithm-the way we all learned :) )
    • 5th Grade:
      • Multi-Digit Multiplication (using the standard algorithm-the way we all learned :) )
  • Resources and Fun Activities

    • Colored Dice:  Pick up a bag of colored dice at a local bookstore or pharmacy.  Students roll the dice and either add or multiply the two numbers to practice their facts.  This is an easy game for them to do while you are making dinner or even sitting at a restaurant.  You can play against each other and keep score of who has the greatest sum or product.  As your kids get older, you can incorporate different colors to mean different operations.  For example: choose 2 red dice and 1 white:  Roll all 3 dice, add the 2 red dice, and then multiply by the white die.  This increases children's flexibility with numbers and speed as well.  I always keep dice in my purse in case we are stuck waiting somewhere! 
    • Math War:  Using either a deck of playing cards or a deck you've made out of index cards, play "war" to practice facts.  Split the cards between the two players.  Turn over the top two cards – you can either add, subtract (keeping positive answers), or multiply the two cards to see who wins.  The winner takes all 4 cards, and you play again just like the traditional card game of war.  Whoever has the most cards at the end wins!  My students love this game!  Again, it's a very easy game to keep in the car or your purse so learning is always near.  

    math war rules

    • 100 Chart: The 100 chart is an amazing tool to help build your children's number sense and allow them to use something concrete to memorize their facts.  They can use it as a visual tool when they need a point of reference or they can use it as a tactile tool by touching the numbers or using a game piece to count forwards and backwards.  For multiplication and division, have your children color in the multiples of each number so they can start to see patterns with the facts.  For example: to learn the facts of 6, color in 6, 12, 18, etc. so only the multiples of 6 are colored in. Your child will start to make a connection to the products of each fact instead of just memorizing random numbers.

    100s chart

    • SPLASH MATH: Join over 70,000 teachers already using Splash Math in their classrooms.  Splash Math is a free (with the option of a paid upgrade) website for students to practice their math skills through interactive game that reward and motivate students to learn.  Students will get coins for each correct answer and redeem coins for virtual pets.  Students explore the world of math in a Jungle, Candy or a Space theme.  Splash Math can be played on a device of your student’s choice – iPad, iPhone or desktop.
    • PIG OUT: Student rolls 2 dice and adds the numbers.  Student can stop and freeze the total anytime but their turn is over for that round if they choose to stop and freeze the total.  If the student rolls a one ( or any predetermined number) they lose all their points for that round. If they froze your points when the one is rolled they keep them.  The first person to 50 or predetermined number wins
    • SMART COOKIE: The Smart Cookie app is $1.99 but worth the money.  The player fills a cookie jar one cookie at a time by successfully completing each math level. To complete each level, the player must answer thirty math problems within two and a half minutes. This sequential program gradually increases in difficulty as the student passes each level. Smart Cookie Math includes two modes for play: timed & practice mode.
  • Have a good week!