• I know that a lot of you were disappointed that we would not be able to have an 8th grade walk this year. Well your administration, with the help of Mrs. Flournoy, have put together a Drive Thru awards ceremony/ Graduation/ 8th grade walk for you guys! One week from today, May 29th at 6pm, You and your families will be able to make a loop around campus where you will pick up awards/ certificate of completion, get some dinner (Hotdog/Hamburgers and sides), and wave goodbye to your teachers. All of this will be done without leaving the comfort of your cars! The school will be sending out more information next week, but I can't wait to see all of you. I hope that everyone will participate and celebrate your promotion to High School with us!

  • Make sure that you are marking assignments as DONE in Google Classroom after you have turned the assignment in. Especially if you are turning the assignment in late. This will let me know that I need to grade the assignment. If you do not make the assignment as done, I will not know to grade it and it will continue to be marked as missing in the gradebook.

  • Let me update you on your assignments. Your Unit 10 and 11 Test was due last night at midnight. If you have not turned it in, you can can still complete this assignment for full credit. Your Edpuzzle video is due TODAY by midnight. This video is around an hour long and the website has been experiencing some issues so DO NOT WAIT until the last minute! I just posted your Unit 12 study guide. If you answered the questions in your notebook while watching the Edpuzzle video, then all you have to do is transfer your answers to this form. If you did not answer the questions while watching the Edpuzzle video, then you can still answer the questions by reviewing the video and/or Powerpoint I posted in the classwork section of Google Classroom. Make sure that your Study Guide is answered in complete sentences and that you DO NOT COPY AND PASTE. If you have any questions you can message me on Google Classroom, send me an email at Miranda.Mcguire@marion.k12.fl.us, or call/text me at (352) 614 - 0312

  • As some of you might have already heard, the Governor has decided that distance learning should continue until the end of the school year. This means that we will not be going back to campus before June 2nd. This does NOT mean that the school year is over. All of your teachers will continue to provide lessons digitally and you will continue to receive grades. Remember, you are required to have 12 units to move on to high school next year. You MUST pass your core classes (Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies) to receive your units for this school year. That being said, a lot of you are falling behind and are not completing your assignments. Remember that my class is one of your core classes and you must pass in order to go to high school. If you need help or are having problems, contact me. I am available every weekday from 9:00 am to 3:45 pm by email, google classroom message, or by phone/text message at (352) 614 - 0312. I also have a Zoom meeting every Wednesday at 2 pm for questions and discussion. I understand that some people are having issues with online learning or have limited access to the internet, and am being very lenient and understanding for those of you who have let me know. However, progress report grades are due next week and those of you who have not contacted me could see your missing assignments turn to zeros very soon. PLEASE try your best to complete your assignments in a timely manner and contact me if you are having any problems.

  • I just posted our first test of distance learning. It will be exactly like the quizzes you have taken except the grade will go in the Test category. Click on the link to access the test. You can take the test as many times as you would like between now and April 24th. I will take the highest score as your grade. MARK AS DONE in Google Classroom when you are finished to submit your final grade to me.

  • I just posted your assignment for this week which is your Unit 11 Quiz. It should be completed by 9 am next Monday, April 20th. Once again, you can take this quiz as many times as you want and I will take the highest score for your grade. If complete the quiz and are happy with your grade, you can mark it as completed to take the assignment off your To-do list. If you are missing either of the assignments from Unit 10 you can use the link below to complete the assignment. Just make sure that you submit a screenshot of your score so at the end so I can give you a grade. 

  • I graded your Pre-Tests and posted the grades on Google Classroom and Skyward. If you did it, you got a 100%. Check your grades on both and let me know if there are any problems. I just posted the quiz for unit 10. This is the same Quizizz at the Pre-test but this time it will be graded based on how many questions you get right. You can take the quiz as many times at you want between now and Sunday night. I will take your highest grade. Also, I will post the new material for Unit 11 on Wednesday. 

  • I will no longer be able to work from the school. As a result, I will not be able to have daily office hours by zoom (That means today's meeting are canceled). Instead, we will have a weekly Zoom meeting every Wednesday at 2 pm. You can also contact me by phone or text at (352)614-0312 and of course you can always email me at Miranda.McGuire@marion.k12.fl.us or message me in Google Classroom.

  • I just posted the videos for all 3 lessons for unit 10. You have a week to watch the videos and answer the study guide questions. On Monday I will post a quiz on this information. We also had our first Zoom meeting this morning. I recorded the meeting and turned it into a Q&A on distance learning for you guys who did not attend. Go ahead and watch the video and if you still have questions you can join my zoom meeting at 2 pm, call me, send an email, or message me through Google Classroom. (video is available on Google Classroom and on my website homepage) 

  • We will be starting distance learning on Wednesday, April 1st. In preparation, please download the Google Classroom App to your cell phone to make access to assignments easier. Make sure that you sign-in with your SCHOOL email.

  • All of you should have already joined my class. However, if you did not,the Class Codes for my classes are as follows:


    Due to security reasons, you must email me to recieve your class code.