• I hope you guys are rested and feeling good. As you know we are continuing school with an online platform. I am trying to keep things simple at first because I know you have 6 other classes. My intent is to first review the basics of waves before moving into sound and light. Each week there will be a required reading and an online classwork assignment posted in google classroom. You will receive a homework grade for the reading and a classwork grade for the online assignment. If we have enough material covered I will post tests this way too. I know you have other classes and submitting assigns might be tricky at first so I am trying to keep things simple and easy at first till we get the hang of things. I hope to keep all assignemnts in google classroom and just have my e-mail used for questions and trouble shooting. :-)


    Keep the following in mind:

    You have notes from in class before the break, a take-home text book, an online textbook, and online resources to help you with your assignments. Do not rush and guess on the classwork assignments....spend the time to make sure you have the right answer and more importantly you know why that is the answer. Doing this will insure you get the best grade possible and learn the most. :)


    The Google Classroom code for my class is 

     google classroom link

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