• Video Production (a.k.a. Critical Thinking)


    Our classroom assignments will be posted through Google Classroom (new code: hs5qiw3) at the beginning of each week. IMPORTANT - This is a new classroom. The one we've been using is no longer available.

    (Google Classroom can be found on your Student Desktop portal.)

    (If you do not see any classrooms in Google Classroom, check the top right corner picture or initials to verify the browser is signed in to your MCPS account so all google apps will open properly.  On phones, make sure the Classroom app is signed in as your MCPS account.)


    My office hours will be  8:30AM - 9:30AM and 3PM - 4PM, Monday through Friday.

    Office hours will be for students to have direct communication with me.

    My office phone number is (352)462-2674. You can either call me directly or text me.

    Although you can use that number any time of the day (leaving voice mail or texting), I will be communicating back during the office hours.

    Of course you're also welcome to use my email, steven.reynolds@marion.k12.fl.us