Ideas for At-Home learning. Please continue to take advantage of these resources until they expire. 😁

    Language Arts

    Read a story:

    Select a book from your collection. Do you have a favorite book?  Think about the cover of the book. Do you remember all the characters? Where is the setting? 

    Parents, when you read with your child, discuss the book illustrations, ask questions to predict what will happen in the story, point to the words while reading and discuss the events in the story. Afterwards, draw a picture of your favorite part, or maybe draw a different ending. If the story takes place in space, maybe look up some information about the solar system, stars  or space travel on the internet. 

    You can download MYON and access downloaded books while you are offline. Here is a link to show you how: 

    MYON information-for online and offline reading   Spanish version


    This story is also in the assignments tab

    Practice sight words: 

    Dolch Sight Word List

    Write words with chalk, use a stick and write words in the sand, write words and trace with a marker or form with playdough. Spread shaving cream out on a table and write words with your finger. Use words in a sentence. Challenge yourself to use as many words as possible in one sentence. 

    Put the closed caption setting on your tv and turn off the sound. How many words can you actually read-I bet you'll surprise yourself! 

    Save items that could create a make-believe dramatic play center-make menus, add empty food containers, notebooks, markers, aprons, anything that can be used for pretend play.  

    Journal writing about what you are doing at home. Who knows...maybe one day your journal entries will be the beginning of your first book about living during the Coronavirus! 

    Practice Rhyming. Make up a poem. 


    Using the same ideas for sight words above, practice writing numbers. 

    Look for shapes around your home. Look at the containers your food comes in-cylinders, rectangular prisms. Save your containers and build with them. Make a collection of shaped containers. 

    Practice adding and subtracting with dried beans, cereal, pennies. Count everything. Do you know how many socks you have if you count by 2's?  

    iReady Math

    Think Central lessons(on desktop) Click here to find out how to access Think Central activities Think Central Activity Info.

    Math is everywhere-shapes, counting, adding, subtracting, measuring, sorting...where can you find math at home? 

    Hand 2 Mind Daily Activities(English)-includes both math and language arts

    Hand 2 Mind Daily Activities(Spanish)-includes both math and language arts

    Songs: Links for youtube and web addresses


    JACK HARMANN NAME THE SHAPE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svrkthG2950

    SHAPES FOR KIDS-2D SHAPES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beTDz9HSNOM 

    3D Shapes Song -The Singing Walrus  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guNdJ5MtX1A


    The Polar Bear Length Song by, Rocking Dan Teaching Man

    Comparing and Measuring Lengths by, Boddie Learning


    Social Studies

    Studies weekly(on the desktop and assignments are listed on assignments page)

    Brain Pop Jr. *New: username:mrsbarberie password: barberie1

    (Your free access is now active! Your username and password gives you access to our suite of award-winning resources, including BrainPOP Jr.® (K-3), BrainPOP®BrainPOP Español, and BrainPOP ELL. You'll also be able to log in from our educational mobile apps.)

    There are a lot of Social Studies topics on Brain Pop Jr. 


    Studies Weekly Science(on the desktop-and assignments are listed on the assignment page)

    Stemscope (icon on desktop and assignments are on assignments page)

    current activity: explore journal

    Brain Pop Jr. is also a great resource for science topics. Link is shown above.

    Physical Activity:

    Go Noodle! Go Noodle



    Chrome Music Lab 


    Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems-The Kennedy Center