• What To Do To Zoom          

    1. Please download the Zoom App on your phone, tablet, or computers.   Click Here for Zoom

    2. Do this before participating in a Zoom meeting

    3. Make sure you use your name, not a nickname so we know who you are

    4. Be respectful and use this time for educational related items

    5. When you log in "MUTE" your microphone until receiving instructions from teacher. This will help with less background noise.


    What To Expect in Zoom:

    1. You are NOT required to attend these meetings. They are optional for my class.

    2. Office Hours will be with Mrs. Flanagan, Mrs. Normand and Mrs. Kinder.

    3. Meetings will be each day (Monday-Friday) from 11:00-12:00.

    4. You may join a meeting at anytime during that time and you do not have to stay the whole time.

    5. This can be used for asking questions about the asignments or asking questions about how to submit your work. 


    When to Zoom:

    Monday - Friday 
    Log in Codes and Passwords: Will be sent to your School Email Accounts.
         *** Write down code/password as they will be reused for every future meeting.