• Class Schedule

    • 1st  Digital Information-  9:10-10:10    (Classroom)
    • 2nd Digital Informaion- 10:15-11:05     (Classroom)
    • 3rd  Digital Information-  11:10-12:35  (Virtual Online)                                                                                     LUNCH BREAK- 11:05-12:05
    • 4th  Personal Financial Literacy:  12:40-1:30    (Virtual Online)
    • 5th  Digital Information-   1:35-2:25     (Classroom)
    • 6th  Digital Information -  2:30- 3:25     (Virtual Online)

    **(19) 7th - Digital Information  3:30- 4:20    (Virtual Online) 

  •  Digital Information Technology 

     This is a Hybrid course which students will be using the platform iCEV. Students will access this website through their Microsoft Teams apps or they may click the link My iCEV  to go directly to the login page.  Students will complete and submit their assignments within this platform or if directed they may need to upload their assignment within Microsoft Teams.  This course is designed to provide a basic overview and academic environments.  Emphasis is placed on developing fundamental computer skills.  Digital Information Technology and  includes the exploration and use of : databases, spreesheets, presentation applications, email, word processing, internet and the Microsoft Office Suite-Word, PPT and Excel. 


  • Personal Financial Literacy

    The primary content for this course pertains to the study of learning the ideas, concepts, knowledge and skills that will enable students to implement beneficial personal decision-making choices; to become wise, successful, and knowledgeable consumers, saver, investors , users of credit ,  money managers and to be particiapating members of a global workforce and society.   Students will use the Microsoft Teams to upload much of their assignments and the platform  everfi.net for additional assignments.