• 200                                                                           I have the wonderful opportunity to teach two courses this school year. 

    1. Digital Information Technology

    2. Personal Finance Literacy


    Information for each individual course is found on the side bar course link.




  • 1st- 4th Period:  Digital Information Technology 

    This is an online Hybrid course which students will be using the platform MOODLE.  Students are aware of how to login to this platform from any computer or mobile device and complete and submit their assignments. This course is designed to provide a basic overview and academic environments.  Emphasis is placed on developing fundamental computer skills.  Digital Information Technology includes the

    exploration and use of: databases, spreedsheets, presentation applications, email, word processing, internet and the Microsoft Office Suite- Word, PPT and Excel.



  • 5th -6th Period:  Personal Financial Literacy


    The primary content for the course pertains to the study of learning the ideas, concepts, knowledge and skills that will enable students to implement beneficial personal decision-makingchoices; to become wise, successful, and knowledgeable consmers, savers, investors, users of credit and money managers; and to be participating memebers of a global workforce and socielty.