Online Learning Page


    During Covid-19

    Welcome to online learning during this Panemic. On this page you will find the resources available from me and the school as it relates to our online learning.

    All of the students work will be in Google classroom for my courses. I will have a Zoom platform with scheduled times posted here and on my school page calender.


    Classes start Wednesday April 1st, 2020

    There will be a daily workout video, weekly activity log, and requared daily attendance section for class.


    Google Classroom Codes by Period

    Period 1: kzpwgal

    Period 2: pbmox32

    Period 3: bwi4nbr

    Period 4: fsvhvqn

    Period 5: titmykm

    Period 6: h6qh5am




    Marion County Website


    Zoom Platform


    Zoom Resource Guide for students


    Google Classroom


    Physical Education Packet 6-8


    PE Joe daily workouts