• Week 8: 5/18-5/22

    Posted by David Rau on 5/18/2020

    Hello PreCalc! It's the last week of full material!

    Due to seniors having their last day early next week and the fact that I teach many seniors we'll be done with all we need to cover.

    It's been a pleasure being your teacher this year and thank you so much for your hard work and continued perserverence during this school year!


    Anywho, here's the assignments for the week. I'll have my personal video guides up likely 5/19. 


    1. Limits at infinity

    Khan Video

    2. Using the intermediate value theorem

    Khan Video

    3. Justification with the IVT

    Khan Video


    My Videos:

    Limits At Infinity

    Intermediate Value Theorem


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  • Week 7: 5/11-5/15

    Posted by David Rau on 5/11/2020

    This week we have a slightly mixed bag of khan assignments. 

    1. Removable Discontinuities

    Khan Video

    2. Infinite Limits: graphical

    Khan Video

    3. Infinite Limits: algebraic

    Khan Video


    My Videos

    1. Removable Discontinuities Guide

    2. Infinite Limits


    As always, let me know on remind @WPHPrec if you make up any work or need quick help on a problem, and our office hours are Wed-Fri at 12

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  • Week 6: 5/4-5/8

    Posted by David Rau on 5/4/2020

    Hello PreCal! Another week of limits and you know the drill!


    This week focuses on what we call continuity. It means determining if a function is "continuous" or "connected" at a point. 

    The main point: A function is only continuous at a certain x-value if the function's limit and the function's actual value are the same. 

    As usual, here are the three khan's for the week in the order I made the guides for. 

    1. Continuity at a point (graphical)

    Khan Video

    2. Classifying Discontinuities

    Khan Video

    3. Continuity over an interval

    Khan Video


    My Videos:

    For assignment 1

    For assignment 2&3


    As usual Zoom Office Hours are Wed-Fri Starting at 12 and going til 1 if necessary. Follow on remind for the daily join code. 

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  • Week 5: 4/27-5/1

    Posted by David Rau on 4/27/2020

    Welcome to week 5! 

    *Progress Reports will consist of all work from the first 4 weeks! please make sure you've completed all assignments! 

    If you haven't yet, please add yourself to remind: @WPHPreC 

    This is the easiest way for us to communicate and we can discuss particular problems you're struggling with outside of zoom office hours. 


    Work for the week: 3 Khan academies

    1. Limits of trig functions (unit circle time)

    Khan Video

    2. Limits of piecewise functions

    Khan Video

    3. Limits using conjugates

    Khan Video


    My Videos: 

    Limits: Trig and Piecewise Guide

    Limits by Conjugates Guide

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  • Week 4: 4/20-4/24

    Posted by David Rau on 4/20/2020

    This week you have 3 khan's again! 

    1. Limits by Direct Substitution

    Khan Video 


    2. Direct Substitution with DNE

    Khan Video


    3. Limits by Factoring

    Khan Video


    Below here I'll be posting my videos on 4/21 but hopefully you can see the khan videos and figure things out. Also remember that the fact that you can redo assignments is highly encouraged, it may take 3 or 4 attempts to pass but that's what learning as all about! YOU CAN DO IT! 


    Direct Sub Video Guide

    Limits by Factoring Video Guide 


    *Things to watch out for

    This time things are gonna feel more mathy and you'll definitely want the help of a calculuator. Also it may feel totally disconnected from what you did last week, but TRUST ME it's very much so the same, and hopefully my video will help reassure that. 

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  • Week 3: 4/13-4/17

    Posted by David Rau on 4/13/2020

    This week we begin our last unit for the whole course: Limits!

    The KEY idea is that a limit is the value a function APPROACHES, not the actual value at that location. 

    Watching the videos will definitely help this make sense. 

    The other way of describing this is that limits are the paths of the curves, not the location of the points. Again watch my videos to see what I mean. 

    You have three introductary Khan's on limits and a video guide for each will be linked underneath

    1. Limits Intro 

    2. Estimating limits from graphs

    3. One-Sided limits from graphs

    Rau Video All in one

    Good luck! Again Zoom review sessions will be Wed-Fri around 12-1 PM

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  • Weel 2: 4/6-4/10

    Posted by David Rau on 4/6/2020

    This week we're looking at Hyperbolas! Once you get the hang of them, you'll find they're very similar to ellipses. 

    You'll have 3 khan assignments this week and should complete them in this order: 

    1. Vertices & Direction of a hyperbola

    Khan Video

    2. Foci of a hyperbola from equation

    Khan Video

    3. Equation of a hyperbola from features

    No Khan Video __________________________

    My Videos: 

    For Assignment 1


    For Assignment 2 


    For Assignment 3 



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    Topic: PreCal Office Hours
    Time: Apr 9, 2020 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 374 888 917
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  • Week 1: 4/1-4/3

    Posted by David Rau on 3/31/2020

    Due to the short week and planning, no Zoom sessions are planned for this week. If you need help, use remind or email to let me know. 



    Today is all about finding the coordinates of the foci of an ellipse given the equation or graph. 

    Notes from prior year


    Assignments: 1 Khan

    Finding Foci from Equation

    Khan video:


    My video:





    Today is all about forming the equation of an ellipse given specific information about the ellipse. 

    Notes from prior year

    1 Khan: Equation of an Ellipse from Features

    Khan video: 


    My Video: https://youtu.be/agIXJaOgtCM 



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  • Online Info *MUST READ*

    Posted by David Rau on 3/31/2020

    Welcome to Online Learning! I'm going to quickly talk through the major resources and ways we'll work together during this crazy time. 

    1. Assignments will most likely be exclusively through Khan Academy. Check Khan Daily for assignments and due dates. I will post the related khan videos and additional videos made by me to help complete the assignments. Any assignment will have a week to be completed. 


    2. To communicate with me:

    Email: david.rau@marion.k12.fl.us

    Google Voice/Messager : 352-462-3576

    --- This will automatically go to voicemail. I will return your call promptly after recieving your message, leave this for EMERGENCY or PARENT CONTACT ONLY


    Calculus:    @WPHCalc

    Stat:            @WPHStat

    PreCal:        @WPHPreC

    -- I will always send a remind to tell you when assignments are posted, due, etc. Also Remind is my preferred way you ask a question about the material. Take a picture of the problem you're struggling with and send it to me and i'll guide you through as best as possible.


    3. Zoom Office Hours will be held anywhere from 11 to 1 and are meant to mimic Alpha Time: 

    Mon: Calculus

    Tuesday: Stat


    Wed/Thurs/Fri: PreCal

    Codes will be sent out through remind and the weekly page.

    I will try to also incorperate at least one live session during the week in a normal class period time. More info on this later.



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