• General Student e Textbook Information


    1.  Directions for how to get to your

         online textbook

      I recommend printing this page down


    You must get to the online textbook by going through your
    Liberty Middle School Username and Password.
    (See above)
    Next, once you are there, you will need to scroll down to get to the correct book. 
    M/J   Earth /SpaceScience ---click on it
    Then click "Discover" from the top tool bar.
    Scroll down to a book with an S inside an says Student E book
    Next go to the first (top) orange box---click on the blue"open."


    Pages should come up.
    Page turns are on the side in the middle of the page.
    You can have the pages read to you; click "play audio" at the top right corner.


      1.  Pop-up blocker needs to be turned on or off.

      2. If you get an error message make sure you 

          click on  "google chrome"  before going

          to your portal

    2. How to use the textbook click below


    3.  Spanish version click below



    How to write on pages of the e Textbook

    Students can write on their online text pages.

    If students copy and paste the link 

    below into your browser window, and you

    will see instuctions on how to do that and more.