• Grade K-5 Modified Curriculum  


    March 30, 2020 




    Although our school district has made the decision to remain in the hybrid virtual platform, it is completely understood that this platform may or may not be conducive to your student’s special needs. Over the past few weeks, we have each worked together to come up with a plan that works for both you, your child and your family’s needs. We will remain with this plan for the duration of this school year. 


    We are required to grade one assignment per core subject each week. There are specific worksheets within your student's work packets that are used for these grading and purposes. These worksheets will be marked accordingly. Though you cannot return them to the school you can take pictures of them and email or text them to me.


    We are still participating in specials. Each week I will post a link on our assignments page to the special of the week. This will take you to that teacher's website, where you will find activities to do with your child. 


    Last, and most importantly please tell your child I miss them, have been thinking about each of them every day and give them a big hug from me. Thank you so much for your flexibility, together we will conquer this.


    I can be reached at (352) 207.5599 when you need me, as well as my school email tara.johnson@marion.k12.fl.us . Please do not hesitate to reach out, I am here for you and your child.


    My Best,


    Tara Johnson