• 7:30-8:00 Wake up and have breakfast

    8:00-8:30- I-Ready Reading M-W-F and SmartyAntz T-TH

    8:30-9:00- Writing- Different assignments will be posted for the week

    9:00-9:30- Snack Break

    9:30-10:00- IXL 

    10:00-10:30- I-Ready Math

    10:30-11:00- Recess Break

    11:00-12:00- Lunch and Relax

    12:00-12:30- Check in with Special Area Teacher Pages

    12:30-1:00- Social Studies

    1:00-1:30- Science

    1:30-2:00- MyOn Reading/ Sight Words/ Read to a parent- Your choice each day