• Google Classroom will be used as another location for updates on assignments. The location will also be used for Exit Tickets to assess engagement and comprehension. Note: your Exit Ticket will also be used to assess participation/attendance. Please make sure to have completed the Exit Ticket by 3:45 PM for a grade daily. Google Classroom is also tied to the students' Edulastic account; for them to be able to access the Edulastic content, they must first be synced to my Google Classroom. If you are not currently enrolled in my Google Classroom or are enrolled in the wrong class due to transferring at some point in the school year, please make sure to enroll through the referral codes provided. 




    Period 1 - vscrpeb

    Period 2 - regpm2f

    Period 3 - xdx5yt7

    Period 4 - exxn35e

    Period 5 - amhp2m7

    Period 6 - lnhnkf4