Necessary School Items Needed For Your Child:

    *1 Backpack

    *1 Beach Towel that will be used for naps-It will be sent home with your child every Friday to be washed and returned on Monday. (no sleep mats, no sleeping bag type mats, no large blankets-We simply do not have space as the children's personal items will be kept seperated from each other)

    *1 Water Bottle-Either disposable or washable. The water bottle will go home everyday and will need to be returned the next day. The children will not be using our water fountain in the classroom. They will have access to their water bottles at all times throughout the school day.

    *1 Plastic Folder with Prongs

    *Extra clothes in case of spills and potty accidents.  Please include extra socks and an old pair of extra shoes just in case your child's shoes get wet too.

    ***Per district policy your child will be required to have and wear a face covering when social distancing is not possible.  Please provide extras in your child's backpack in case the one they are wearing becomes soiled or brakes throught the day.  

    Below are extra items that are always appreciated but not required:


    *Liquid glue and glue sticks


    *Washable Markers

    *Color Pencils

    *Plain Shaving Cream

    *Bathroom size paper cups

    *plain paper plates


    *Baby wipes 

    *Ziplock bags (gallon and sandwich size)

    All PreK students will meet their class and teacher in the cafeteria every morning.  They will be given free breakfast to eat if they choose.  We are also provided free lunch.  Your child can bring a lunchbox if they would like.  Please encourage/practice opening the items that are packed in their lunchboxes.