Our Goal is to create the most realistic distance learning opportunities for students. 


    We know that challenges include access to internet and technology at home, and that in many homes there may be several students needing access to a single computer/tablet. 


    Please know that we are working diligently to create the best experience for you and any and all feedback is welcome so that we can continuously improve our planning process!


    I will use the following websites to communicate and post assignments/links for students:

    • Teacher Webpage
    • Class Dojo
    • Google Classroom 

    Please make sure to check these daily.


    Below you fill find the district guidelines that have been set for Home Learning Assignments, Grading, and Attendance. 



    The instructional week will be defined as Monday-Friday (with the exception of Week 1 starting Wednesday, April 1st).


    Every Monday, I will post the weekly assignments on Google Classroom. You may choose how you would like to complete them based on your family's schedule and needs. They will be due by the end of the week.


    There will be packets each Monday available for pick up out front of the school if you would rather complete a paper packet. These will be exactly the same as what is posted on Google Classroom. If you choose to complete paper packets, you must e-mail me pictures of completed work to count for a grade. The school will not accept back any packets from home due to concerns about  COVID-19. 



    Here is what weekly work will look like:


    • 45 minutes of both iReady Reading and Math online instruction each week 
    • 20 minutes of daily reading should be done independently or with families
    • 3 tasks for ELA (Reading/Writing)
    • 3 tasts for Math
    • 1 task for Science
    • 1 task for Social Studies 


    **The first week will only have 1 task in ELA, 1 task in Math, and 1 Social Studies due to the short week.**




    Students will receive 1 grade per subject area each week. 




    Teachers will continue to enter student attendance every day into Skyward. 

    Students can demonstrate attendance each day in the following ways:

    • Log in to an online platform (i.e., iReady, Zearn)
    • Send an e-mail or message via Class Dojo, Zoom, etc. 
    • Phone call 


    Please make sure that you and/or your child is making contact with me OR logging into iReady every day so that I can mark them as "present" starting Wednesday, April 1st.