• Khan Academy topics, videos, and articles will be assigned to the students every Monday and they will be given all week to complete the topics. All Khan Academy topics that are assigned for the week given will be due by Sunday 11:59 PM. Every Khan Academy topic will consist of a homework grade in the gradebook. 


    If you are not currently enrolled in my Khan Academy classroom or are enrolled in the wrong class due to transferring at some point in the school year, please make sure to enroll through the referral codes provided. These codes are put in under the "My Account" section of your "Learner Home." There will be a section for "Teachers" that you will click, and then will put in the code in the section which states "join a class."


    Khan Academy can be accessed through the student desktop under programs or through the link provided - https://www.khanacademy.org/


    Period 1 - WVBGW8HU

    Period 2 - DRHFYSBK

    Period 3 - JN6YAEUA

    Period 4 - YQJBBQSV

    Period 5 - XRB5SBHK

    Period 6 - KD5H87ZD