• Culinary Arts will be using 2 different platforms for learning. 

    1.  Edmentum - an online website that has a Culinary curruculum and lessons.  These lessons are expected to be done weekly.

    You must use  Chrome as your browser

    Go to Edmentum.com

    Click on Courseware, click on Culinary Arts, semester A
    access: tsbomc
    user name: FIRSTNAMELASTNAME ( all one word, all caps)
    password: student ID       

    2. Teacher made assignments - assignments that Mrs. Frye  has created and you will document your completion on a log sheet. You do not have to turn in the actual assignment - only that you completed it.   You may download and print the log sheet or you may create your own but keeping track of completed work is important.  These assignments will be simple, easy to complete and I hope you enjoy the lessons.  I will give instructions at a later date of how to submit the log sheet to me.  (It will not be due until end of April)  



    My expectation for you  is to check my website weekly for assignments and to keep a positive spirit and to be your best.  

    Your expectation for me is to be available and return your email or message in a timely manner. You may also expect me to stay positive and show compassion and understanding for any difficulties you may be experiencing.

    If you have questions or concerns -  email me - kimberly.frye@marion.k12.fl.us - My office hours are 8:00 - 2:00

    Remember - we're in this together!!