• Distance Learning Syllabus: U.S. History 


    Hello everyone, welcome back! This is an unprecedented situation, and we will all be learning about distance learning together. The purpose of this miniature syllabus is to give you an idea as to what to expect from this class on an online format.  

    Required Applications 

    • Google Classroom: Google Classroom is where all assignments will be posted, as well as submitted to be graded. If you have not already joined the Google Classroom for the class that was created in August, please do so. Remember, you must use your school email (marionstudents.net) to join the class. The codes are listed below. Make sure you are selecting U.S. History (4th-6th Periods) 
      • U.S. History Code: imjjkg6
    • Remind: This application is for asking me quick questions about assignments/class. Parents are welcome to join as well. For security reasons, I now must approve for you to join the class.
      • Text @lellers to the number 81010 


    Expect for there to be roughly three lessons per week, and three corresponding assignments. All assignments are to be turned in digitally on Google Classroom. You have a few options regarding how to submit assignments. 

    • Typed: You can turn in electronic documents that you typed up on your home computer. This is the easiest method. You may either use Microsoft Word or Google Docs.  
    • Handwritten: If you have limited access to a computer/prefer to handwrite assignments, you can still complete them handwritten and turn them in digitally. You may complete assignments in writing and scan the documents to be uploaded. (There are several scanner applications that you can download for free on your phone). If you have any questions regarding this, please let me know. Remember, we are not allowed to accept physical copies of student work from home at this time. It must be turned in digitally.  

    When Are Assignments Due? 

    You will be assigned new lessons each week. All assignments for the week are due to me NO LATER THAN FRIDAY AT 5:00 PM.