Degrees and Certifications:




Class Codes:

Please locate your class period where you will find the class code in order to complete the assignments on CommonLit. PLEASE make sure you're entering the correct class code for YOUR class period, or else you won't be able to complete any assignments. 


1st per: 3ZDWKQ

2nd per: Z5V7Y9

3rd per: KZ8PBN

4th per: QQKE4Y

5th per: 9QP867

6th per: EVWDGZ 



 When reading, please be sure to take notes for understanding. You will need to complete to following to earn FULL credit:



All guided questions and assessment questions will be counted as a CLASSWORK grade. 


Quiz Grade:

All discussion questions will be counted as a QUIZ grade. PLEASE elaborate when responding to these questions. Remember, restating the question will help you when answering the discussion questions. 


Due Date:

 Each assignment will open on MONDAY of each week and will be due by the following SUNDAY. Please pace yourself when completing these assignments.