• Baseball x word   Students, please keep a daily log of your physical activity.  Check back for future assignments.  If you have questions email me at michael.duvall@marion.k12.fl.us


    Click on and complete the baseball x word puzzle and e mail back to me by the end of April.  Also e mail me a copy of your home log where you recorded your daily physical activities.  


    Stay safe and keep your distance from others.


    April 1 - April 10    outdoor activities - 1  Due by April 10th    /    Baseball X word due by April 30th  / Activity log by April 10th

    April 13 - April 17  outdoor activities - 2  Due by April 17th  / Activity log by April 17th

    April 20 - April 24 Outdoor Activity - 3  Due by April 24th / Activity log by April 24th

    April 27 - May 1 Outdoor Activities - 4  Due by May 1st / Activity log by May 1st

    May 4 - May 8 Outdoor Activities - 5  Due by May 8th / Activity log by May 8th

    May 11 - May 15 Outdoor Activities - 6 Due by May 15th / Activity log by May 15th

    May 18 - June 1st 4th quarter exam (seniors due by the 22nd) / activity logs due by the 22nd