Social Studies

  • Directions & Expectations

    Resource: Studies Weekly (Online or Paper) : The Online Studies Weekly is accessed through the Marion Portal Sudent Login where students have the ability to view the current week to read and have interactive modules in the program. If you cannot find the tile, use the search bar in the upper left and type "Studies Weekly."


    Google Classroom Invitation Link: Make sure you are joined in the proper homeroom as some of you have switched or are new students.

    Du Pré Homeroom is "fd6nkvc"      and      Weiss Homeroom is "mzta33o".


    Learning Objectives:

    1.Students will complete a First Read through the Studies Weekly Article as assigned.

    2.Students will conduct a Second Read to answer the Vocabulary based crossword.

    3. Finally, they will use their knowledge and techniques to go back and find the answers to the Think & Review section, responding in complete sentences.


    Graded Assignments:

    1. The proof needed for this will be in Google Classroom

    2. Photo-evidence submission sent through Class Dojo

    3. Photo-evidence e-mail at

    4. Make sure your paper has YOUR NAME and DATE OF COMPLETION to recieve credit

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