• I would recommend you set up a Home School routine. Having a routine like we have at school helps children be organized and anticipate what is next. It also gives them things to look forward to. I am providing a sample that is similar to our school day, but you and your child should create one that meets your needs.


    7:30.  Breakfast

    8:00   i-Ready Reading or Math for 15-20 minutes (Reading 3 times per week 30-45 minutes total and Math 2 times per week 30 minutes total)

    8:30   Good Morning! and Movement Songs 

    9:00   Reading (Use MyOn or Epic! or books from home- 20 minutes per day)

    9:30   Snack/Break Time

    10:00 Complete one assignment in Math, Science, Social Studies, or Special Areas

    11:00 Recess/Lunch

    12:00 Story Time (Use the storytime link or just do a search for a favorite book)

    12:30 Complete one assignment in Reading or Math.

    1:00 Free Time (Play outside, play computer games, visit abcmouse.com or happynumbers.com, just have fun!)


    It is important to remember children need to change activities frequently at this age.  They should have plenty of breaks.  These breaks/recess/free time are their rewards for completing more academic tasks. When the fun is combined with learning, you get the best of both worlds. That's why I encourage you to utalize the links I have provided.