• Directions and Expectations


    • i-Ready Math
    • Google Classroom
    • MCPS Standards Assessments

    Learning Objectives:

    Students will complete One teacher assigned i-Ready Weekly lesson.

    Students will complete Two i-Ready Math lessons from their personal lesson track towards their 45 Minutes each week.

    Students will complete One Fluency assignment each week

    Students will complete One Word-Problem Practice Sheet each week

    Graded Assignments:

    Students will submit their Math assignments through Google Classroom submission forms or a picture of completed student work submitted through email to

    Be sure to include Student Name and Date of Completion in order to recieve assignment credit

  • At-Home-Learning Week 3 (4/13/2020 - 4/17/2020)


    Topic: Finding Volume


    Focus Standard: MAFS.5.MD.3.3 

    Recognize volume as an attribute of solid figures and understand concepts of volume measurement.


    • A cube with side length 1 unit, called a “unit cube,” is said to have “one cubic unit” of volume, and can be used to measure volume.
    • A solid figure which can be packed without gaps or overlaps using n unit cubes is said to have a volume of n cubic units.


    Student Learning Goal: I can determine the volume of a 3 dimensional shape using the measures of the sides.

    Check For Understanding: Students will complete the i-Ready lesson Quiz “Understanding Volume” to show their understanding of this standard.




    To Do List:

    1. Complete Fluency Practice #3
    2. Work on your i-Ready Math Student Lessons (The Goal is to Pass 2 Lessons)
    3. Watch the “Volume” Video From Study Jams, then Complete Video Quiz.
    4. Complete Word Problem Practice #2 Questions
    5. Complete Teacher Assigned i-Ready Lesson “Classify Two-Dimensional Figures”

    (This is will show up to complete tomorrow 4/13)

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