Social Studies

  • Directions and Expectations 


    Studies Weekly

    • Students can access Studies Weekly through the Marion Portal Student login. (Use the Magnifying glass to search for the Studies Weekly Application)
    • Students without internet access will use the Studies Weekly paper copy article recieved with their Weekly assignments packet.

     Google Classroom

    • For submitting and Turning in assignments online

    Learning Objective: 

    1. Students will complete a First Read read through the assigned Studies Weekly article.
    2. Students will then conduct a Second Read to fill in the Crossword Vocabulary Activity.
    3. Finally, students will use their knowledge of the article to find and answer the Think & Review Questions.


    Graded Assignment: 

    Students will submit their Think and Review answers through Google Classroom submission form or a picture of completed student work submitted through email to

    Be sure to include Student Name and Date of Completion in order to recieve assignment credit

  • At-Home-Learning Week 3 (4/13/2020 - 4/17/2020)


    Topic: Growth and Westward Expansion


    Focus Standard: SS.5.C.2.5 

    Examine 19th century advancements (canals, roads, steamboats, flat boats, overland wagons, Pony Express, railroads) in transportation and communication.


    Student Learning Goal: Students will study the War of 1812 and how it affected westward expansion


    Check For Understanding: Students will begin the Week 29 Crossword vocabulary




    To Do List:

    1. Read your Week 29 Social Studies article and answer comprehend questions
    2. Begin you Week 29 Crossword vocabulary
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