• Online Learning Page

    during COVID-19

    Welcome to online learning during this pandemic. On this page you will find the resources available from me and the school as it relates to our online learning. 

    All of the students work will be in Google Classroom for my courses. I will have a Zoom platform with schedule times posted here and on my school page calendar. The Planbook link will be updated to support the online learning format verses the classroom environment. 



    Quick update: Grades have been posted. IF you have a 0 in Skyward it is probably labelled Missing in Google Classroom. If you have a 0 in both locations then you more than likely earned that grade. 


    There will be a daily quick quesiton for you to reply to for attendance.

    I have updated my Zoom hours to 10-10:30am and 2:00-2:30pm. Other times can be arranged as needed.

    I am also available on MS Teams from 9:30 am to 3:45pm.


    Remote Phone: 352-619-4111 ex 361826


    updated: 13April2020 at 1419 hrs

  • Digital Discoveries in Society (DDS) 

    1st and 6th Period Classes

    Here I will post information related to just DDS.


    Google Classroom code: enbljfw

  • Coding Fundamentals (Code)

    2nd and 5th periods

    Here I will upadte information as related to the coding classes or Code for short.

     Google Classroom code: rwlrwfx

  • Exploring Information Techology Careers (EITC)

    3rd and 4th Periods

    Here I will update information lrelated to EITC classes.


    Google Classroom code: cjppbyu


    Additional Content for those looking for more to do: iCEV